Hold Siemens Accountable

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Dear Chancellor and Vice Chancellor,

As a valued member of your community, I’d like to express my deep concern in regard to our Institution’s partnership with Siemens.

Siemens, with full knowledge of the impacts of climate change and of coal being the leading contributor, decided to deliver the critical and niche signalling work for Adani’s railway line, opening up the entire Galilee Basin to massive new thermal coal mines.

In the face of a massive global outcry, they promised the Australian people and the global community that they would hold Adani accountable to our environmental laws. However, after an extraordinary five breaches during the duration of Siemens work (and many more prior), Siemens are looking the other way and continue with ‘business as usual’ for Adani.

I urge you to engage Siemens and hold them to account - to demand they keep their promise and terminate their Adani contract. 

Whilst Siemens has an important partnership with our Institution, it is your responsibility to look after the future of our entire community and not just those who use Siemens’ equipment. As such, I request that if Siemens refuse to keep their promise, and instead continue to strip away my future, that you be brave and an inspirational leader by terminating the partnership between our Institution and Siemens.